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everyday moments: five

All of a sudden my oldest baby was old enough to loose a tooth.  He was so happy, so proud, so excited!  I was too; excited for him to get to experience the fun of growing up. {although I’m not feeling quite ready for it all} Two days later, while at the dentist, this happened… […]

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happy birthday to you…

Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet, little girl; who may have been born with a little glitter and a little fire in her veins! “A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.” ~Marilyn Monroe

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Everyday Moments; Light

There is something about light that fascinates me.  As a photographer I love light.  I love to manipulate light and bend light.  I love to use light to create a feeling in a photograph that you might not have even felt if you were there in person. We are getting into my busy season where […]

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