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Lavinia + Mark’s Wedding: Love In The City

Talk about EPIC! We walked into one of the most beautiful hotels in Boston, the Boston Harbor Hotel, only to find our bride with her blush PINK wedding gown! Everything was absolutely stunning, from all of the guests lining the aisle as the two walked down together, to the heartfelt and tearjerking vows, to the lovely music and singing! Ah-Maz-Ing! Lavinia as usual was her stunning self, and a ton of fun to boot! Mark was totally laid back and one of the most chill grooms we have ever seen. Together these two created an evening of spectacular proportions!

Lavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MALavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MALavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MALavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MALavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MALavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MA2014-05-29_0007Lavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MALavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MALavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MALavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MALavinia + mark City Wedding, Boston, MA


Jennifer + Brendon’s Sunday Brunch Wedding

“Hi y’all!” was the very first thing we heard out of Jenny’s cute little mouth on the morning of her Zorvino Vineyards brunch wedding. Her excitement and enthusiasm for the day was contagious… as well as her accent; by the end of the day we were throwing around “y’all’s” like we were born into this Southern clan! These two are self-proclaimed “dorks” and were thrilled to be getting married on May 4… “May the 4th Be With You!” was exchanged more than once that day. They even went so far as to have a mini Darth Vader peeking out from beneath their wedding cake and were honeymooning at Harry Potter World! They really couldn’t have been cuter; and who doesn’t love a good brunch?!? I know we sure do! {Jamie may or may not have raved about the french toast so much that they brought her a second plate…it was that good!}Jennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + BrendonJennifer + Brendon


Kate + Jon’s Vineyard Wedding

Hello gorgeous!  Yup, Kate was stunning, simply stunning during her LaBelle Winery Wedding.  Not only was this couple stunning, they were sweet as pie!  These two were two of the most laid back people we have ever run into.  The day flowed so smoothly that the 10 hours we spent with them flew by in a blink of an eye.  Kate and Jon planned every single detail of this wedding beautifully and coordinated the adorable cake with all of this delicious cupcakes {we know they were delicious because we may or may not have tried one on the way out… yum!}  Their day was simply beautiful!

Kate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + JonKate + Jon


Underpinnings… Yes, they matter!

I’m of the firm belief that the better the underpinnings (bras, panties and shareware), the better the outfit will look.  I have been known to scour Nordstroms, Barney’s and Victoria’s Secret all in one day just to gather the perfect shapewear.  Yes, it’s that important (who wants a VPL)!?!

There really is no better day to find your very best underpinnings than on your wedding day.  The day where all eyes will be on you and I’m there to capture each and every moment to save for a lifetime.  A bit dramatic, I know, but seriously… find your best underpinnings way before hand.  You would be surprised how many brides I double sided tape, pin and stuff into their wedding gowns the morning of their wedding day.  It’s a simple fix though; just find the right underpinnings way before hand and the day will be a smooth and seamless as your dress is!

Here are some of my and Rachel Zoe’s (this girl knows her stuff) favorite, go to underpinnings to help you get started.


Can we all say convertible bras together now!?  They have saved my life on more than one occasion.  I personally have one convertible bra in each basic color, just in case.  Convertible bras have the ability to be unclasped and repositioned so that the straps can be changed to fit your fancy frock.  Have an amazing halter gown? Reposition the straps around your neck.  Is racerback more your style? Detach and criss cross the straps.  Try Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Multi-Way Bra or OnGossamer’s Convertible Bra.

If you dare to go backless or love that plunging neckline try a backless bra  or a bra with a very low connecting wire.  0-bras-800

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VPL (visible panty line) is a giant No-No in my world.  Yes, there are the days that I throw on those tried and true comfy panties with a pair of my lulu lemons and hit the gym, but I think about it the whole time and always make sure to choose a treadmill with it’s back to the wall.  Is anyone actually looking at my VPL… No… absolutely not.  I know this is all made up in my head, but  am I thinking about my work out in that moment? Again, the answer is No… I’m thinking about my crazy VPL!!  Why even waste a moment of your big day on VPL (again a little dramatic, but go with me here).  The right panty will not only have no VPL it will smooth and shape that ass you worked so hard on in the gym!

Fabric is a big deal here… choose a seamless panty and you are good to go!  No matter what your preferred style is, we’ve got your butt covered here.  Personally I love seamless briefs and yes I am linking you to my favorite pair, no they are not the sexiest panties on the block, but they work and they are comfortable as hell!  Briefs not your bag?  Try boy shorts!  This pair has a smoothing tummy shaper… yes please! There is also the ever popular thong (Now I’m singing that song… you know the one…).  There are also a plethora of skimmies out there to try as well.  I’m not a huge fan of these because I feel like they tend to roll up on the thigh area and give you the ever attractive “I’m wearing bike shorts under here” look.  Some people swear by them… not me, but give ’em a try!


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Yup, these little babies will save your life.  You can thank me now.  Do yourself a favor and go try a few of these.  Not one, not two but three or four.  There are a TON of different brands out there and they all fit just a little bit different.  I’m a big fan of save a penny where you can, but this is not the place to call that rule into action.  The general idea here  is the more expensive it is, the better it is going to hold the goods in.  Trust me, I have tried a lot of these!  Things to look for when buying Body Suits:
– make sure the bottom area of the garment {skirt or short bottom} has a little rubberized section on it.  These magical strips stick to your skin like glue and keep that little sucker down, avoiding the “I’m wearing bike shorts under here” thing referenced above.
– Try the suit on and them move around like a baby orangoutang on the dance floor in the dressing room.  Put your arms up in the air and wave them like you just don’t care (take a moment and sing it… go ahead, I’ll wait).  Sit down, stand up, sit down again.  Do some squats, lunges, your favorite party dance move (mine’s the sprinkler).  These little numbers have to stay put for HOURS… under any condition. Yours should be able to hold up to the few minutes of freestyle you give it in the dressing room.  If it doesn’t… toss it!  If it pinches… toss it!  If it’s a little uncomfortable and hard to breath in… you found the right one!  After all, you are stuffing yourself into a sausage casing… it’s not suppose to feel like yoga pants!


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I don’t care who you are… I’m looking at you Heidi Klum… your girls need some help, a push, a nudge if you will.  For girls who are less endowed… a lift, for those with ample bosoms… a bit of coverage is perfect.  There is nothing worse than airbrushing nipples out of every.  single.  shot.  because someone forgot to hide away the headlights.  Add a few of these, “just in case”, items to your emergency kit on the day of and you will be covered… literally!

Bra Converter Clips: In case you did not heed my convertible bra advice and need to convert a standard bra.  Little miracles these things are!
Gel Push Up Pads:  The ever popular “Chicken Cutlet”  These things add cleavage and volume where there was none before.
Nippies Skin:  This is not the time to be flashing nipples.  Not sure there is a time, but I do know this is not one.  Please be sure all of the girls are fully covered and concealed.

DOUBLE SIDED TAPE!!!!!! {Did I give that enough exclamation marks}
I carry this stuff with me at all times.  Seriously, not kidding.  See me on the street, stop me, ask me for some double sided boobie tape… I’ve got it!  9 out of 10 weddings need it and 7 out of 10 don’t have it.  This stuff works amazingly to hold a dress in place, hide a bra strap or even keep a tie in place.  It is a necessity for every wedding!  Make sure someone has some, but if they don’t… I always do.


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Lavinia + Mark’s Back bay Lovebirds

Lavinia is one of those people who you think could be your friend and your client! She first came in to meet with us about photographing her cray-MAZING wedding to Mark and we chatted for over an hour about wedding details, life and living in Boston… and very little about photography! She’s got good taste coming out of her pores! Then we show up to the lovebirds session in Boston’s Back Bay area only to meet one of the nicest people ever, Mark. Of course she would be marrying a complete gentleman who is great in front of a camera to boot!! The day of our shoot just happened to be Mark’s birthday. Lavinia brought cupcakes to celebrate and as they say…the rest is history.